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Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs

At  the TRUE GOSPEL RECOVERY AND EMPOWERMENT CENTER, we target the freedom of the total person; Spirit, Soul, and Body. We help our clients, through harmonizing of the Scriptures, to understand the authority of believers.This is aimed at enabling them to overcome Negative Addictive Behaviors that interfere with Spiritual and Psycho-Social growth and development. Our goal is to direct individuals, through guided learning experiences and role playing, so they could reinforce their strengths and live fulfilling lifestyles.

Recovery Center Contact Info:

Address: 6702 Crestridge ST Houston TX 77033

Phone: (713)-776-3600

P.O.Box #0923

Houston, TX 77272-0923


Church Phone: 713-776-3600

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True Gospel Christian Center Church, and mail it to:

PO Box #720923

Houston, TX 77272-0923

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Please make your check payable to:

True Gospel Christian Center Church
PO Box 720923
Houston, TX 77272

*All gifts are tax-deductible.

Service Hours

Sunday Service:
Mid-Week Service:
Thursday 7:30pm-9pm
14589 South Main
Houston, TX, 77035
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