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Success Principles 1 - Set your goals

Posted on 8/8/2011 by in Goals Vision Success Principles

Act on them with faith, persistence and determination and in no time you will become a winner like other successful people! Here are the 7 success principles. Follow them closely and you WILL SUCCEED!

First of all, Thank you to all those who have left me the encouraging messages. It is such a blessing to hear from you.

Ok, So each week, I think about what I can say on this blog. I really want this to be encouraging and fun, all at the same time. Is that possible? Can you really achieve both? Hmmm... Well I will try, so take a couple of minutes each week to check out my blog.

Back in December of 2010, the Lord spoke to us and said that this would be a year of advancement. The idea of things advancing sounds good - it even feels good. We all would like to experience some good things happening to us. Now that we are five months into a new year, we can look back, and start to measure the evidence - are we advancing? 

Well, I can honestly say, YES YES YES!!  The first five months have brought a number of things that are moving forward. I won't take the time or space to talk about them, but can honestly say, We are advancing!  I am sure that there are some who are not experiencing the level of advancement they would like to, so I thought I would share some principles that are needed for us to experience the excitement of Advancing. I want to be clear. Simply because the Lord shares a word with us, dosn't necessarily mean it is going to come to pass. You see, we each have a part to play. God has requirements that He needs us to be doing, so We can get the blessing - in this case, advancement, to us.  So I will share one or two principles with you each week that I would like you to examine and measure yourself to them. I mean, it's no good to hear about them, but then not take the time to consider how you are doing with them in your own life. So please examine your lifestyle to the following and if necessary, CHANGE!

Success isn’t reserved for a privileged few. It results from cultivating certain positive habits and following through consistently. Every single person has the capability to be successful in every area of his or her life. Successful people adopt a certain personality profile. They think, talk and act in certain particular ways. All of which can be condensed into 7 success principles. Act on them with faith, persistence and determination, and in no time you will become a winner like other successful people! Here are the 7 success principles:

Success Principle # 1 – Set a clear vision 
This is the starting point to success. Think through and develop a clear vision of what exactly you want to achieve in your life. One example is you want to be a surgeon and carry this vision in your mind at all times.
Success Principle # 2 – Define your goal 
The vision you set is the ultimate destination which in this example is to be a surgeon. The goal sets the journey, both long and short term, you need to take in order to arrive at the destination. Using the example assuming you’ve just completed your secondary education, what you need to do next is to enroll in a course in a junior college that on completion will qualify you to pursue a course in medicine in a university.
Other consideration for the short term journey includes the need to obtain or set aside the necessary finance to complete your medical studies in the university. These are the short term goals you need to formulate after thinking through in order for you to arrive at your final destination. Short term goals are like the resources you need to reach your final destination. Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. They are the stepping-stones toward the realization of your vision.
Success Principle # 3 – Plan your work and work your plan.
Work out a plan of action to reach both the short and long term goals. Break down your plan into smaller tasks or units especially if the task is too big. Sometimes you’ve to take a detour or longer time to reach one of your journeys. It’s ok. Do it. Example if you didn’t do well in one subject in junior college which is a compulsory subject for admission to the university medical course, you may have to do supplementary studies or repeat that subject. Be conscious of your vision at all times. When you act with faith, determination, persistence and in alignment with your short and long term goals there is only one outcome – success in achieving your vision.
Success Principle # 4 – Commit to action.
Make a firm commitment to action. Once you take action, stay committed and never give up. Once you deter in your commitment, your belief becomes shaky and unstable. If you do that, your effort would just fall off like a deck of cards. You would have wasted all your time and energy you have invested on your efforts. So stay committed.
Never give up until you have achieved what you desire. Take on every obstacle that you may encounter in your stride. Faith and persistence are keys to success. Treat every failure or obstacle as a learning experience or opportunity.
Success Principle # 5 – Use positive affirmations.
Form and write your positive affirmations that supports the vision you’ve set in # 1 using short positive direct phrases in the present tense only. Make a habit of repeating affirmations several times each day especially just before sleeping (while lying on bed) and just waking (but still in bed). Say and repeat your affirmations mentally or aloud if it doesn’t disturb others. This will help to maintain your faith and persistence!
Success Principle # 6 – Eliminate negative influences.
Stay away from negative influences such as negative people, books, articles and etc. Surround yourself with things and people that boost your belief that you will succeed.
 Believe without any doubt that you would achieve your dream. Believe in a higher power residing in self that has been giving you whatever you need.
Success Principle # 7 – Maintain an attitude of gratitude.
Have faith that your vision is becoming a reality. Look around you and be grateful for things that you already have such as a home, loving family, etc. Just stay grateful. Give your time, money and service to others in need. Be kind and generous to all.
Now you know the 7 principles of success. Act on them with faith, persistence and determination and you will soon be one of the successful people.

Success is YOURS,

Thanks for reading!


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